Restaurant Consulting Services

It is our goal, at SALT Restaurant Consultants, to shift the benchmark for industry standards from Service to Hospitality. We have pioneered a change in the hospitality industry, empowering our trainees and clients with a wealth of relevant knowledge regarding their roles and products, enabling your team to provide that extra value and understanding to the guest experience, keeping your business one step ahead of the competition.

Restaurant Design

Salt has established itself as a brand which delivers the foremost excellence in ideas, inspiration and creativity to food and drink establishment owners, through its extensive experience in designing new restaurants or remodeling environments for existing restaurants helping them to reinvent their establishment. It's highly skilled architects, designers, and other industry professionals help restaurant/bar/café owners with a wealth of information on numerous sections in interior design, the latest trends in restaurant interior design, new ideas and methods in designing your establishment, see the very best in contemporary design, and much more...

Whether it’s an external restaurant facade upgrade, a complete interior restaurant design or simply sign design, we create the most impressive, timeless, solution-oriented restaurant design in the market today.

Bar & Beverages Innovation

Salt Consulting is focused on increasing the profitability of bars and restaurants through innovative beverage design. We offer the experience and creativity to adapt to the multitude of situations that invariably arise in the service industry.

In many regions around the country, liquor sales have surpassed gaming and hotel revenues by a large margin. While there is a ton of money to be made in the bar, it’s a widely known fact that bartenders steal, over-pour, waste, and generally get away with a lot more than they should. This covers everything from over-pouring drinks in an effort to charm the customer, giving drinks away, over-charging customers, or simply stealing money during the point-of-sale (POS) transaction. For many years, SALT has helped bars with many new technologies in and around the bar to control pours and also ensure the transaction has been executed properly.

Operations Assessments

While each operations assessment is customized to meet the needs of each unique foodservice concept’s situation, Salt always begins by thoroughly reviewing all operational materials, training documents and recipe books prior to visiting the physical restaurant space.

We help you in getting your staff to follow your visions and your dream instead of their own. In restaurant business in general, your staff is the most important thing you have. You can’t operate a successful restaurant without your staff, and it’s great to get your staff involved and help make decisions and to be a big part of the process.

New Concept Development

At Salt, we work in a collaborative process with owners, developers, architects and property holders to implement the highest quality of service your restaurant can achieve. We conceptualize and develop a specific plan of action to align with your business goals.

A challenging and exciting step in food service development is the phase of restaurant concept development. It is a forward-looking process for developing and evaluating new ideas before committing extensive resources. If you are planning a new or first restaurant venture or need to rebrand existing restaurant operations, restaurant concept development gives broad and sometimes ill-defined ideas a chance to be examined by groups of experts in a logical process. Salt helps you in Feasibility Analysis, Business Plan Development and Creation, Real Estate Evaluation, and Cost Analysis.

Nutritional Analysis

Salt is the industry leader in providing restaurants and cafeterias, an approved web-based online database for calculating the nutrition results of your restaurant's menu and recipes. Salt comprehensively designs database specifically for restaurants and food professionals to meet their needs in calculating nutrition information for their menu items. Salt helps you calculate your nutrition results using a method called database nutrition analysis, one of two approved methods by the FDA for obtaining nutrition analysis. Our nutritional analysis services include full Labeling Compliance, nutritional and menu consultation, allergen statements, field validation for accuracy and much more.

Menu & Recipe Development

We can help you create dishes that meet specific dietary requirements, incorporate more sustainable ingredients and meet consumer demands for health without compromising the taste of the meal. Salt team can work with any cuisine and respects a chef’s culinary vision and creativity so that dishes evolve out of his/her inspiration. Salt also provides training for staff to help diners identify dishes that may be more appropriate for their special dietary needs. Working closely with the entrepreneur or operator, Salt then enters research & development mode, working in a test kitchen with the appropriate raw materials to create menu selections that deliver the “wow” in flavor and visual appeal while considering targeted food cost, profit contribution and the potential for consistent execution.