about us


Jangid Corp is a full service logistics company with superior data management and reporting capabilities. Today, Jangid stands as one of the industry’s most experienced, trustable and capable providers of logistics services.

Our mission at Jangid corp is to deliver premium transportation and to continue delivering the Jangid Corp premium level of service to each and every one of our current and future customers. Through diligent communication with our customers and industry insiders, and premium, highly valued service, we will remain competitive and continue to meet the changing needs of our customers via the smart diversification of our services.

Delivering Satisfaction by the Truckload

Our Truckload Logistics division was developed to provide the convenience of shipping outside of our core service area while maintaining the JANGID's Limited level of service and trust.

North America and Australia is Our Focus

We deliver on our promises throughout North America and Australia

We Offer More

At Jangid Corp, our endeavor is to deliver more than our customers expect. Be it anything, we are always there to deliver more.

We Make Shipment Visibility a Priority

To reduce inventories, optimize networks, and mitigate risk, Jangid Corp provides near real-time visibility into the status of orders and shipments.